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Getting your students to write detailed sentences can be such a difficult task. Come see how my class practices writing expanded sentences with this simple activity.

Writing Pin Students will fold their paper 4 times. The first fold will have a simple sentence and then each fold they will expand the sentence such as adding an adjective. This way they are learning to be more descriptive writers.

Rainbow Editing

Color-Coded Editing~ Students use a different colored pencil for checking punctuation, capitalization, transition words and especially powerful language. Must do this! They just don't get how to edit!

How to write a paragraph - Give them strips, then they can rearrange the paragraph to find the best order, then copy it down.

Stoplight Paragraphs - great paragraph writing lesson (web with ideas then using traffic light sentence strips to make paragraphs). Title: Stop in the Name of Love Prompt: Write about a person that you love? What make this person special

Morning Meeting Question fo the day Wise Word Wednesday - respond to this quote #miss5thswhiteboard

Morning Meeting Question fo the day Wise Word Wednesday - respond to this quote writing prompt bell ringer

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What are three qualities of a good friend?

Thoughtful Question: A separate board for the students to write/think on and add to during morning bell work.

One of my favorite responses was, "a new week." It is nice to come in with a fresh start on Mondays.