Pohutakawa, New Zealand from www.lilmisskiwi.blogspot.com

Pohutakawa Tree - if the tree flowers early it's going to be a good summer, if it flowers late, it's not :)

Aotearoa - Kiwiana Map

Aotearoa - Kiwiana Map: Born and raised in between L&P and Waka, but my bones are from 'Godzone' 'Feijoa' and 'Chilly Bin'.

A Hongi, A maori greeting … like a kiss on the cheek or a shake of the hand when you say hello as well as a show of respect to those we meet on occasion … Our ancestors were  distinctive leaders in there convictions in the nature of things and the greeting was no different … a personal space in its greeting such as this would give reading of the body langauge noting signs either from the eyes, smell and touch to give warning if the visits were either peacful or not ...

- Hongi Greeting - ceremonial touching of noses - Maori Tribe - New Zealand - PRECIOUS!

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