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How To Be More Creative #Infographic #Creativity #HowTo

My Thoughts: I love me an infographic! Being creative and inspiring myself daily to be more creative is important. But what I learned from the book "Creative Confidence" is that we have to take action and practice our creativity.

Infographic: What’s a graphic designer?

Did you know that the graphic design industry is dominated by women, or that one out of five graphic designers are self-employed?

Infographic: Thirsty Energy — Energy and Water’s Interdependence | Ecocide Alert

Data visualization infographic & Chart Infographic: Thirsty Energy -- Energy and Water's Interdependence Infographic Description Infographic: Thirsty Energ

cool boat illustrations, nice colour palette

Map/Infographic: Overnight Ferry Routes of Japan Well, this is pretty much the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. An awesome map/infographic combo from Japan showing overnight ferry routes in that.

this info graphic uses natural lines in the octopus to guide the reader through it.

Octopus infographic screenprinted poster by Tom Whalen. Part of inaugural Info-Rama show at Phone Booth Gallery,