Andrija Kleskovic, my great grandpappy who married Erana Kaaka, my beautuful great grandnanny. Together they created a mighty whanau, a living testament to the aroha that has no boundaries, and how the genes of grandpappy and grandnanny have spread from New Zealand to far distant shores of other nations yet still united as a whanau by the modern day technology of FB via the internet! Awesome korero, awesome catchups and awesome photos. So much aroha for my whanau.....mmmmwah

Andrija Kleskovic/Anderson...husband to Erana Kaaka, father to Joseph Hohepa and my great grandfather. My great grandad is Croatian and of course my great grandmother being Maori...our ethnicity is classed as "da-ra-ra"...which surprisingly the Croatians pick up very quickly, and I don't know them so I am hugely surprised by their observations.

Erana Kleskovic/Anderson, née Kaaka, my great grandmother and my Grandad, Joseph Hohepa's mother. My Grandad told me I was named after his mother. I never liked my name for years, and when people asked what my name was....I wouldn't tell them...but after my Grandad told me whom I was named after....I was proud of my name from that day forward.

Younger picture of my Great grandmother Erana grandad, Joseph Hohepa Anderson's mama. ...she is stunning.

Aneta Kaka (Marupo) and her brothers Marupo and Pukepoto. Aneta is Erana Kaka's (my great grandmothers) great great grandmother. Also discovered Aneta was married to a Chief Hohepa Kaka of the Aoupouri Tribe. He was one of Hone Hekes warriors until his capture by the British colonials.

Andrija Kleskovic and Erana Kaaka's children. Don't they all look like their mama an pappa. There's my grandad Joe 4th from L or 3rd from R. Handsome dude.

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