Rachel Louise

Rachel Louise

Hello, I'm Rachel. I am a hopeless romantic with a love for Jesus, music and anything vintage. Head over to my website and check out my blog!
Rachel Louise
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'i am building a house where the floor is made up of strength where the walls are crafted of ambition where the roof is a masterpiece of forgiveness i am building myself' — i am building ✨ // poetry at unexpected places pt. 23 by noor unnahar // words quo

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Feeling so taken advantage of today...when someone does nothing and you give everything...all your time, and they blow it, they take the credit for things they had nothing to do with. It's shameful.

Last couple of months have been a war for me. I have been on the edge of quitting but somehow I managed to made it. I made it for a day, I made it for a week, then for months. Now, all I have is hope for the future. I have made it after all. I have...

TOSMS. Ways To Maximize The Benefits Of Vitamins And Minerals. Your body primarily functions everyday because of minerals and vitamins. Carbohydrates are your body's fuel, but vitamins and mineral nourish your body and

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Summary: One of the basic features of raw food detox diet is the raw fruits and vegetables that form the very foundation of such diets. Many other items can also be included like the nuts, seeds, Thai young coconut, as well as the dried fruits.