Rachel Montgomery

Rachel Montgomery

Rachel Montgomery
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Skull tattoo design. I think this is cool cause it is different from other skull tattoos Ive seen

Star constellations for a tattoo. This could be really cool, instead of getting kids names get their sign or if they share a name with a constellation/star. Sagittarius fits inside of Pisces.

I've always had a dream of getting my sign (Pisces) alongside the signs of my two brothers (Capricorn and Taurus) on my wrist....

I'm a sucker for symbols. My Sun is in Sagittarius, my Rising sign is Virgo, my Midheaven sign is Gemini and my Moon sign is Scorpio.

SO cute - great for those "running late" work mornings.

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Lots of Ladies use this hairstyle for a wedding or on their wedding day

Another Pinner Wrote in the Description:Cute & easy updo. I can barely even braid my hair, much less fix it into a cute updo, but this was so easy and turned out so cute and was perfect an outdoor summer wedding!