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Te Whaariki Objectives Set 1 #1-10 Download

Te Whaariki Learning Objectives Set 1 No' s 1 - 10 outline the learning objectives for 10 areas of play and includes the strands and goals. Great for parent education and teacher quick reference.


In my experience, most parents think you have to be "parenting" or disciplining your child most of the time (or all day long) or teaching. Notice there is not much of that in the above poster.

Found on http://fingerprintprojects.com Intended Audience: parents and teachers, Intended Developmental Group: Early Childhood, How it can help and why you picked it: I choose this as an informational poster for parents to understand the different types of play their children participate in, as well as a informational poster for possible preschool teachers to help promote different types of play for children. | https://lomejordelaweb.es/

I was not aware that there were so many different types of play! We know how important play therapy is as a CLS. This is helpful chart of different types of play and examples to go along with it. Play Therapy - the healing path with children

Resilience - why some of us give up while others bounce back. This infographic relates to kids - but it many of the facts are true for adults as well.

This infographic describes why some kids are able to bounce back when they experience a challenging situation while other kids struggle to overcome.

foster care - Google Search

Every Child Has. We should as parents help our children to be themselves and not like everyone else have there own personalities.I know I want my children to grow up to be there own person and not be afraid to exspress whom they are.

Learning through play

I chose this article about why preschool is important because it explains that through play, children learn things that will help them in the future. Preschool is and important start to the responsibilities that lay ahead.

At times, parents make see outside play as just 'play' and not real learning. This poster, and attached website, help parents understand the value of outside play, and what children are learning. I believe outside play to be highly beneficial, and parents should understand it's value in order to appreciate it.

let the children play: outdoor learning environment. When I'm playing outside, I'm learning. pop into the newsletter, put up in the cloakroom for parents to read and understand the importance of outdoor play.