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two people are walking up some stairs near the water and an island in the background
a wooden table topped with fruit next to a window covered in grass and palm trees
several plates of food on a table with palm trees in the background
two plates with food on them sitting on a table in front of some plants and trees
an ice cream sundae with almonds and milkshake on a wooden table
Coconut ice cream
an outdoor bar with potted plants on the wall and two stools in front of it
Santa Marina —
Santa Marina — Vana Pernari Architecture Studio
beach restaurant, sunset time ✨ Beach Club, Sunset Beach Club, Beach Life, Beach Lifestyle, Beach Vibe, Sunset Restaurant
beach restaurant 🐚
Things To Do In Morocco Turkey, Make It Yourself, Vacay
10 Things To Do In Morocco
an outdoor dining area overlooking the ocean at sunset