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Leopard and Black Panther. A Black Panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any Panthera species. Black Panthers in Asia and Africa are Leopards. Black panthers in the Americas are Black Jaguars.

Bunny Butt Cookies

These cute bunny butt cookies are sure to become a Easter favorite. I would like to make these but using my own sugar cookie recipe.

Cowboy Caviar 1 can corn, drained and rinsed 1 can black beans , drained and rinsed 2 tomatoes diced 1-2 avocados, diced 1 green pepper diced 1 red pepper diced ½ onion diced Cilantro to taste Sauce: ¼ c. olive oil (try using less for less points?) ¼ c. red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar 2 garlic cloves 1 lime squeezed 1 tsp. cumin Pepper to taste Mix sauce ingredients then toss with everything else. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Stacey Scraps and Cooks: Cowboy so healthy and the possibilities of what to do with this are endless.

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse. A light and healthy alternative to cream chocolate mousse and a good source or protein!

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse - a light and healthy alternative to cream chocolate mousse + a good source or protein.

Having a rough day? Don’t give up –

Having a rough day? Place you hand over your heart. That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason.DONT GIVE UP.

Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls | kitchenshares

Hot Ham And Cheese Party Rolls - can Pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust - thinly sliced not shaved deli ham - thinly sliced Swiss cheese - butter - brown sugar - Dijon mustard - Worcestershire sauce - poppy seeds