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A great way to teach Maori, start with Te Ra the sun. Each child gets a ray and their name and a number. Great for getting them use to Maori numbers

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Kay Morris

Action Cards in Te Reo Māori & English {FREEBIE!}

An easy Matariki craft - great for junior classes. Children complete a simple weaving activity and then glue on stars in the shape of the Matariki Constellation.

Matariki Craft FREE

These labels were made to fit a New Zealand classroom. They have the english and Maori translation.

Maori Labels for around a NZ classroom

Children draw themselves and ask the question What is your name? and say My name is..... In Te reo

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Kay Morris

40 Waiata (free) teaching basic sentence structure. Aimed towards preschool/Junior school but could be used further up.

Free Downloads – 40 Songs