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five different colored cat figurines lined up in a row on a wooden surface
1,024 次赞、 36 条评论 - mako (@mosscat25) 在 Instagram 发布:“お座りねこブローチ🐈 - - - - - - - 少し立体なので一応自立します。(無理矢理なのもあります^_^;) #cat #neko #needlefelt #needlefelting…”
stuffed animals lined up in a row on a wooden floor with the words instagram written above them
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Fresh animal wool brooch
two small stuffed fruits sitting on top of each other
Avocado Love Wool Sculpture by Hanna Dovahan — Colossal
three small stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a window sill in front of a potted plant
Школа валяния Ш Е Р С Т Я Н И … | - Event Planning, Gifts, Holiday and School Celebration Blog
Школа валяния Ш Е Р С Т Я Н И … | - - #modelpeekesite #валяния #Школа
a stuffed animal with a baby sloth on it's back sitting on top of an alpaca
Alpaca my bags. #Tbt to a favourite duo from last year.Im finishing up a remake that will be included in my shop update tonight (update details in my profile). Where would you alpaca your bags for if you could go anywhere in the world? . . . . . #alpacalove #sloths #alpacamybags #llamas #travelbuddies #softsculpture #fiberartist #cutestuff #whimsicalart #torontoartists #wildwhimsywoolies
a small stuffed panda bear holding a piece of cake
#羊毛毡 #needlefelting #羊毛フェルト #panda #afternoontea
the instructions for how to make felted toadstool mushrooms with wool and yarn
Tiny Felted Toadstools
Make your very own tiny felted toadstools with our step-by-step tutorial. Small, simple, and straightforward -- make shroom for some felting in your life!
a group of small stuffed cats sitting on top of a red bench next to each other