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Glamorous Black Hepburn Dress - £40, Um, with black flats and movie star glasses? Yes please!

Lady Vintage Audrey Hepburn Glam Black Lace Print Dress Style SIZE in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Dresses

Punchinello butterfly, Zemeros flegyas. A small butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia

Liz Hulteen would love this unusual butterfly. If only someone would show this photo to her. Punchinello butterfly, Zemeros flegyas, a small butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Tyler would come to regret his decision, but at the time it seemed like an effective way to respond to the swimming coach who refused him a spot on the team. #catherineclinch

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Doesn't have to be a baby boy, though. My little girl has done both of those things. :)

So true! I love the man my husband is as a father and I love seeing my dad play with my son