Click to read how she turns cut and pastes into colorful hands on centers that kids can use over and over! (Fact Fluency in First Grade)

How to turn cut and paste activities into super fun hands on centers you can use over and over - read this! (Fact Fluency in First Grade)

Magnetic word building travel tin

This word building activity travel kit is perfect for preschoolers for road trips and long car rides and you can customize it with sight words, color words, word families, or whatever your child is currently learning. Great for a summer learning activity.

Touch & feel counting cards, a fun multi sensory learning tool to make yourself!:

These touch and feel counting cards provide your children with a multi-sensory learning experience when introducing simple counting.

Kindergarten Number Rhymes

Kindergarten Number Rhymes

Easy to remember number rhymes to help young students print numerals correctly. Enlarge for a classroom poster and provide copies for students to share with

Posters that are downloadable for $5

Maori Whakatauki , Maori Proverbs

Posters with Maori Proverbs. Contains 20 posters with Maori proverbs perfect for mainstream or immersion classrooms.

Whakatauki                                                       …

Whakatauki - very appropriate