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the info sheet for tracking carbon emissions
Infographic: Forget China, Who Are Really the World's Worst Carbon Polluters?
3/3 Infographic: "Tracking Carbon Emissions" We often think of the major players in total carbon emissions, like the US, China, and India, but we also must factor in emissions per capita. Looking at this, who are the worst offenders? I think you'll be surprised. Designed by Stanford Kay. Feb 21, 2011
a blue poster with an image of a turtle made out of plastic bottles and other items
桜木 凛 無 修正 動画 -
'Where Does Your Plastic Go?' Poster We should not recycle more but buy less plastic. Plastic can only recycle once then after that is TRASH. Let's be mindful of our waste. Our choices can better the world. #sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusereducerecycle #freeplasticjuly #compost #upcycle
the great pacific garbage patch is shown with information about it and how to use it - Domain Name For Sale |
more like the Horiffic Pacific Garbage Patch which is a gyre of human-based marine pollution now floating in the central North Pacific Ocean located roughly between 135°W to 155°W and 35°N and 42°N. The majority of pollution on the patch is plastic, which scientists now know can be 100% recycled …
a poster with the words save the earth and some things to see on it,
What we all can do
What we all can do More
a cartoon depicting a rabbit and a man who is talking to each other in the grass
Is Human Overpopulation Killing the Planet?
is human overpopulation a problem? water shortages on earth, bbc overpopulation debate, george monbiot,
Effects of Global Warming, by Guillermo Munro Nanotechnology, Marine Biology, Meteorology, What Is Climate, Ap Environmental Science, Infographic Marketing
Effects of Global Warming, by Guillermo Munro
an info poster showing different types of weather
Writing Discursive compositions (Secondary level) (Part 4): Introduction of Discursive essays (Cause and Effect)
global warming (effects)
a quote from paul hawk about technological terms, we have become parasites and are devouring our hosts
The most successful parasites find a way to co-exist without harming their hosts to the point of death.
the foot is made up of different types of things in green and white, as well as
What’s your Carbon Footprint?
What's your carbon footprint?
a poster with the text is your carbon footprints good, great, or average?
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The effects of global warming. Nature, Environmental Infographics, Science Portfolio, Environmental Science Major, Cause And Effect Essay, Persuasive Essay Topics, Global Issues, Geography Map
Infographic - The causes of global warming
The effects of global warming.