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Alternate version of Mulan on point

Alternate version of Mulan on point

Comics about the Quirks we share

Comics about the Quirks we share - RandomOverload

It isn't rewriting history.  It is writing it with more accuracy.  Refocusing perspective in events tend to change the group bieng victimized from mainstream POV's that are anti-feminist, etc.

So, women are blamed for how men react to them, instead of blaming the men who committed the reckless/irresponsible, and sometimes even violent, actions.

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This is beautiful. I'm in tears right now. There is always hope. Life gets better.>>>>> Everyone should read this. My friend was lost to this horrid fate so any of you people with a sliver of a heart repon this.


I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah Apparently I did not speak french.

That has happened. I was wearing this pathetic super hero costume and the hair was the only real thing. Idk why everyone thought it was real.

Life : One of the great things about wigs.>> I've got really curly long brunette hair but I have a beautiful long ( longer than my real hair) blonde wig. It looks so natural and I love it!

I'm sorry but yes. I appreciate this @adsnively

Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny! Btw the square root of is an imaginary number.

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And there you have it. How High School of the Dead started.