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Floral Skull Statue Sculpture Figure

Floral Skull Charlie Immer- translucent bubbly genius Creative Boys Club » we love skulls

Ballpoint pen art

Ok...this is really unbelievable. Have I been wasting my $ on art supplies or what. Incredible! Although the subject matter isn't my style I am definitely wondering if some of my friends wouldn't be inspired by it as well as teh medium itself.

"Corals, Homo sapiens – one degree of separation," Jenny Pollak, 2012, ceramic, 12x100x20cm: this artwork is a visual metaphor that captures how closely human actions affect coral species. The deathly skull paired with the bleached coral imagery heralds a warning for the future of our reefs.

肉が朽ち、新たな命が芽吹く。コケを使って植物の生命力を表現した立体作品 | ARTIST DATABASE

Skull Sculptures by Frodo Mikkelsen

It's not every day that you see human skulls used as a canvas for art, but Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen isn't afraid of the macabre. We should add they are...

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