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three potted plants with pink and grey trim sitting on top of a white table
Creative : Eleven Adorable Paint Dipped Things Tute Tuesday: Neon’s where it’s | The Proper Pinwheel
several different types of utensils and tape on a wooden table with blue paint
{DIY} Mes petits couverts
Decorating bamboo cutlery with washi tape
three white vases with flowers in them on a window sill
Summer Raspberry, Peach and Mint
decorate vases with washi tape
three jars with different types of items in them
Taped jars
washi tape jars
a room with many stuffed animals on the wall
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loving the pom poms and butterflies.
a magazine cover with vases filled with flowers
Juneberry Lane
painted glass
small brown tags with colorful flags hanging from string
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Love these bunting tags!
a baby's dress hanging on the wall next to clothes pins and pegs
My book ^_^ -
From my book. Paper shapes garland *^_^*
multicolored paper streamers are hanging from a string
Sewn paper garland -
Sewn paper garland