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an image of a hunting camera on a white background with clippings to the side
Hunting Camera
Capture images and videos of your next game even while you're not hunting. Track their movements and patterns so that you are ready next time you can get away to the blind.
two bags with the words gear up on them
Hunting Practice
With deer and bear seasons around the corner, spend the next three months on target practice. You won't be able to miss with a new set of targets from Prairie Archery. Gear up in-store or online today.
an image of a tree stand with a spider on it
Deer Stand
Is your deer stand looking worse for wear or no longer safe enough to set up in a tree for several hours a day? We have a wide variety of stands available in-store and online that will make deer hunting season more comfortable. Gear up now!
there is an advertisement for a hunting gear store that says, we're your local archery experts let's get your gear ready for the hunt
One-Stop Archery Shop
We are your one-stop shop for all things archery with expert employees who can help you service your equipment and pick out the right gear for any hunting season. Stop in today for the best gear and services for a great price.
a man holding a bow while standing on top of a grass covered field with mountains in the background
Annual Rummage Sale
Tomorrow is the big annual rummage sale where locals, vendors, and we will be selling great hunting gear for discounted prices. Join us from 9-4 pm in our parking lot.
an image of a bow and arrow with the words gear up with prairie archery on it
Top of the Line Bows & Gear
We are at the tail end of spring turkey season, but only a few weeks before bear and deer hunting season starts. Get stands, bows, blinds, and cameras when you visit the shop through September.
a man holding a bow and aiming it with the words start planning your next hunting adventure with prairie archery
Update Your Bowhunting Gear
With the best products and competitive prices, we have the bowhunting gear you need for any season. Update and stock up on everything you will need for deer and bear hunting season before they start.
an orange and black sale sign with the words sportsman's day hunting furnace sale
Annual Rummage Sale
Rummage/Swap meet for all things hunting, new and used. JOIN us for some great discounts on all the gear you could need or want.
three red and black arrows with the words sportsman's day hunting rummage sale
Sportsmen's Day Rummage Sale
If you have new or used hunting, fishing, trapping, archery, and other outdoor equipment that you want to sell, set up a booth at our Sportsmen's Day Hunting Rummage Sale. There will be 10x10 sections for $10 or 10x18 pickup truck sections available for $15. Reserve your spot today by registering online at on the event page BY MAY 7th.
an advertisement with the words extreme - precision click - adjust windage and elevation available in store & online
Bow Hunting Sight
Your sight will be sharp with a bow sight, like the Axcel Armortech sight 4 Pin .019 Rh/lh. It features Armor Fiber Technology for 100% protection to fully enclosed fibers in the tube-style pins.
the bow is ready to be used for archery and other sports activities, including shooting bows
Invest in the best gear for each hunt! Bowfishing takes a different set of skills, which requires a different set of gear. If you don't know what you need, stop in the store and ask our experts.
a man holding an arrow and aiming it at the target with his right hand,
Gear Up!
The great thing about archery is that there are many bows, sights, arrows, etc. You can build your favorite combination for your skills and your hunting needs. What is your go-to bow?
a man holding an arrow in his right hand and aiming it at the target with both hands
Archery Gear for Everyone
We have decades of combined experience and hundreds of excellent archery gear for novices and experts. We'll get you set up for a lifetime of archery adventures. Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty program, you can find our app in the google play store under Prairie Archery Doe Bucks. Sorry, not available on apple phones at this time.
a gray and green cooler with the words keep your contents secure
Pelican Elite Cooler
We carry everything you will need for your next bow hunting adventure. One of our favorites is a multi-function cooler like the Pelican Elite Cooler. Its features include a lock-in hasp that keeps your contents secure and serves as a bottle opener, has a sloped floor and drain plug, has molded can holders, and has molded in handles.
the high resolution viewing of wild game is an excellent way to see what's inside
Hunting Camera
Keep your eyes peeled on your next game with a high-quality hunting camera! A great option is the Spypoint Force-pro Trail Camera 30 Mp. 4k. It captures 30-megapixel images and records 4k video with sound to deliver high-resolution viewing of wild game.