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g. Meditar enquanto sentado sob uma árvore Depois de ter desenvolvido a capacidade de sentir Chi da árvore, você pode sentar-se debaixo da árvore e meditar. Desenhe a energia da árvore em você através das estações (pontos) da órbita microcósmica. (Figura 2-35)

Meditate While Sitting Under a Tree Once you have developed the ability to feel the tree’s Chi, you can sit under the tree and meditate. Draw the tree’s energy into you through the stations (points) of the Microcosmic Orbit.

❤️☀️auras and energies-- I have mixed feelings about done of these, but they're interesting to muse upon

Shows spiral regression with two musical notes on either side. Can run the top one like a vine around lightbulb. I see the same arc of that mandlebrot six.

CHAKRAMAN - 1880 - Nepal - a confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism - the red and white spheres at the bottom of the piece represent Ida and Pingala, the dual red and white kundalini energies.

"The Guru who is capable of making each man's soul circulate within himself and illuminate him all over by his own power and knows the world by seeing within himself with complete equanimity, and seeing himself as The Creator is truly an Avadhuta".


VIBRATIONS AND MAN’S RESPONSE Both the ancient sages and modern scientists agree that everything in life is formed of vibrations. We are told that vibration i…

How to Befriend a Tree

How to Befriend a Tree COLLECTING TREE ENERGY The Healing Abilities of TreesTaoist Masters observed that trees are tremendously powerful plants.

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The Human Energy Field - layers of the Aura from "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan Field clearing, balancing and restructuring from Brennan Healing Science Practitioner antoniawibkeheide.