Possumdown® is arguably the world’s rarest and most luxurious fibre. It is a special blend of wild brushtail possum fur and super-fine merino lambswool. Possumdown® is incredibly soft and light, yet much warmer and more water resistant than merino.
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Possumdown Knee Rug from Possumdown

Knee Rug

Made from a natural fibre blend of Possum fur and New Zealand Merino wool.

Possumdown Fern Rug from Possumdown

Fern Rug

Take home some NZ nature and help protect our native birds and trees at the same time.

Possumdown Fern Wrap from Possumdown

Fern Wrap

The delicate fern pattern adds finesse to this generously long wrap. The silver and ponga ferns native to NZ provide habitats for our natural fauna.

Possumdown Long Poncho from Possumdown

Long Poncho

Envelope yourself in luxury. Accessorised or played down, these colours will take you anywhere.

Possumdown Ripple Lace Shawl from Possumdown

Ripple Lace Shawl

Endless ways of wearing this piece will make it part of your staple wardrobe. An elegant, timeless piece. Ultra light for travel.

Possumdown Cocoon Wrap from Possumdown

Cocoon Wrap

A versatile comfortable knit wrap which comes with a removable brooch.

Possumdown Cowl Neck Poncho from Possumdown

Cowl Neck Poncho

Possumdown Two Way Shrug from Possumdown

Two Way Shrug

With a different colour for almost every day, why would you buy only one! A versatile wardrobe essential.

Possumdown Cable Poncho from Possumdown

Cable Poncho

Slip out of the cold and into a poncho. Add a splash of colour to any ensemble. This is a take anywhere, never be without piece. It’s large enough for superior

Possumdown Pom Pom Scarf from Possumdown

Pom Pom Scarf

Luxurious natural possum fur pom poms or ‘poi’ adorn this feminine matching lace style beanie and scarf set.