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Even though I'm the State Apiarist, I keep my distance from Fluffy Nopes!

Not sure why but I laughed really hard at this! I love the majestic sea flap flap, he booplesnoot, the danger floof and the fart squirrel 😂

Simple Trick To Calm Your Pets During New Year's Fireworks

Simple Trick To Calm Your Pets During New Year's Fireworks**the "Thunder jacket" is sold in pet stores. Expensive but highly recommended shelters and groomers.


This is going to be my next baby.she is so so so sweet, I just fell in love with her and I want her sooooooo bad.she's a Doxie right? That face.oh my I love that face.

Properly organized fox storage

Oh my gosh I love foxes. Properly organized fox storage Please refill left fox at earliest convenience.

Animals : aww cute cat

Animals : aww cute cat More! More cute cat pictures! I must say the whole state of CA demands for a never shortage of cute cat pictures!

Heart Bird Feeder

Copper heart bird feeder: I don't really like birds but I would consider putting this in my yard (maybe far away from the house :)