Cartoonists’ Founding Fathers Obsession

The best way to win any political argument is to say that you have the founding fathers on your side. Partisans on both the left and the right are always laying claim to the original intent of one founding father or another. No one does this more shamelessly than political cartoonists.
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An 1898 cartoon about George Washington's honesty and how it would serve him in that present day—or wouldn't serve him, so twisted were the values of 1898 in comparison. (Library of Congress)

The winning argument always goes to whoever has Washington and Franklin on their side. Cartoonists know that best.

Suffragettes on their own Independence Day, from a 1911 cartoon. (Library of Congress)

In this primary source DBQ, students compare the Declaration of Independence and the Seneca Falls Convention's "Declaration of Sentiments.

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