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DIY elegant top to scarf and a chain necklace!
Beautiful top using a 35 inch scarf end, chain necklace. The scarf comes in a pack of four.
How To Tie A Chic Head Scarf
Content Creator: @mary_lawless_lee 🎵Island In The Sun - Weezer Scarf available for pre-order here!💛
The Bandana Hairstyle With The Silk Scarf
Learn how to effortlessly style a silk scarf into a trendy bandana hairstyle for the spring season. Discover new ways to elevate your look with this simple and versatile accessory. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.
How to tie a pearl rope necklace and a twilly scarf together as a belt - Part X🤍 You can also use a skinny ribbon instead of the twilly scarf, whatever suits your outfit better. For fall/winter outfits it works great with a sweater tucked into wide leg jeans. I might try it with a cardigan too, the options are endless. Save this for your future inspo and make sure to see my previous tutorials and styling tips.
Two easy ways to style a brooch and a silk scarf together 🤍 The scarf I'm using is in this tutorial a vintage J&J silk scarf and its size is 47x47cm. You can try these with a slightly bigger scarf as long as it's made of a lighter material. The brooch I'm using is a vintage piece but you can easily find similar models (if don't already have one in your jewelry box) Both ways look perfect with V-necks in my personal opinion, but you can try it with unbuttoned classic shirts, tees, etc. If you...
Let me show a very quick and easy tutorial how to style a square scarf with a necklace. The scarf I'm using is 45x45cm and the pearl necklace is vintage. You can also try it with a different type of beaded necklace or a chained one, whatever suits your personal style. It creates the perfect mix of masculine/feminine because the silk and pearls resemble a tie when worn together. If you like the idea make sure to save and check my previous videos for more styling inspiration 🖤