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NOPEFISH  ...  Sharks and piranhas aren't the only fish with fangs and attitudes.  This big guy can be found in rivers.  Good luck to bears who go fishing!

This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.

Doesn't even seem real

Baby Sloth By Ljudmila Donodina - Bear Pile <- even stuffed animal sloths are tok cute for words!

You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase!

Haha so true. "don't make excuses for nasty people. you can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase"


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I found the perfect gym outfit to wear on the couch.

Fire Pits For your Backyard

Garden Design Ideas Scenic Step By Step Build Your Own Fire Pit With Fetching Landscaping Ideas For Fire Pit Inexpensive Fire Pit Ideas

Fire Pit Bench.... Click for instructions

Joshua Rhodes decided he wanted a new fireplace and bench for his outdoor parties, and created something absolutely amazing. The plan started as a bench th

Keeping it Simple: How to Build a DIY Fire Pit for Only $60

DIY: Simple Brick Round Firepit This DIY firepit is the easiest of all made up of the bricks, and these pentagonal bricks are amazing in its symmetry.