Rana Drals (TES)

Dunmer| The Lady| Champion of Cyrodiil| (she/her)| Star gazer| Mad God of the Shivering Isles| Listener of the Dark Brotherhood| ♥???| (3E-4E)
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The Shivering Isles

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several gold colored hands and fingers on a white surface
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a piece of paper with a poem written on it
| h i s • r u s s i a n • m u s ε | ᵩ
an eye is shown in the center of a pattern with red and white lines on it
→ aten
a person holding a butterfly in their hand
Siamese Twins
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the water is covered with blue lights in the dark
Account Suspended
Glow jellyfish
black and white photograph of tree in foggy forest with large rocks on the ground
a sign on the wall that says if i disappear, will you look for me?
( ✱ band-aids don't fix bullet holes ✱ )
a black and white photo of a face with a beard on the side of a wall
F&O Fabforgottennobility
some yellow butterflies are on a white surface and there is the words sweet dreams above them