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a card with a green frog holding two sticks
Designz By Gloria
Ms. Froggy Punch Art, and made into a card! Stampin' Up!
a birthday card with pink flowers and green leaves
stampin up sizzix die blossom party – Helens Card Designs
some paper flowers and buttons on a table
Fun with punches with Vicki Boutin and Doodlebug!
Make butterflies from heart punches and folded paper scraps... so cute!
an orange cat with a name tag on it's tail sitting on top of a card
Vasily the Cat for Nina. Part II (Tutorial)
cat punch art tutorial - bjl
a paper cut out of a mouse with eyes and ears on it's face
Fleder + Maus
by Kirsten Andersen.... a mouse
a cow and a bird are on top of a piece of paper that says design by kristea anderson
Neues und altes mit der Eulenstanze
Cow punch art - bjl
a birthday card with a dog on the front and number one on the back,
Another Punch Art Dog!
Punch-Art-Boy-Dog butterfly punch for ears??? Gorgeous!
a paper cut out of a mouse with eyes and ears on it's face
Fleder + Maus
By Kirsten Andresen. Mouse from the Stampin' Up owl punch.
a black and white cat on top of a pencil
Did You Stamp Today?
kitty punch art
paper flowers cut out and placed on top of a cutting mat with instructions to make them
Paper Flowers made with punched
Flowers using Stampin up Punches!
two pictures of an owl with hearts on it
Heart Animals
Heart Owl and a lot of other animals made from hearts! (pinned by Super Simple Songs) #educational #resources for #children
a christmas card with a cat on it
Punch art kitty cat …
the sesame street cut outs are on the floor with different colors and shapes, including one monkey
Punch art Stampin up