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an image of people laying down on the floor with text below them that reads how to be a table
Lol: How to be a table :)
people are making marshmallows with chopsticks on a table
Japanese Sushi Party
Minute to win it game; How many marshmallows can you pick up with chopsticks game...great kid's party game. Can use any type of small candy also.
an old black and white photo with words written on it
Creating Remarkable Poetry Through Subtraction
Newspaper Blackout—poetry through the omission of previously printed text.
several pieces of beaded fabric with letters and numbers on them are laid out in rows
40 Easy 4th of July Decorations to Get You in the Holiday Spirit
Recycle bubble wrap as a noisy game of hopscotch for outdoor party
two pictures of people playing with water bottles in the living room and on the floor
Christmas family game night ideas.
a close up of a piece of puzzle
1st Altered Puzzle
Give each person a puzzle piece to decorate... keeping the edges intact so it can be re-assembled. Use for a lesson on individual worth... how each individual piece is beautiful on its own. But what a masterpiece you get when you put them all together!
three glowing balls sitting in front of an open fire place with the reflection of it on the water
Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. brilliant!
four envelopes with different types of letters on them sitting on a table next to each other
Give kids a Secret Service mission. Tell them for 1 week, they have to do something for someone else without blowing their cover. A fun, interactive way to get kids serving others. This would be a great class meeting activity and topic. - outreach
four people posing for a photo in front of a wooden paneled room with chairs
Drama Resource - Creative ideas for teaching drama
Creative ideas for teaching drama to kids