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April 2013, Term 1

Pins of images and videos from Issue 46, April 2013 of INTERFACE Magazine - our first issue of the the year.
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As part of their space study, Year 2/3 students from Manuka Class at North Loburn School planned a trip to the moon and have created a film showing their journey,

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Nickie Slater and Room G4 at Eastern Hutt School, winners of 'Best Class Blog' in the INTERFACE Awards 2012

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If the negative influences of video games on kids seem to grab the headlines, father and video gamer Christopher Kostecka has set out to prove them wrong with his new young adult novel, Torn Apart. The story shows video games can have a positive influence by helping to build confidence and self-awareness in the book’s main character Neal Ori, a shy and awkward adolescent. Torn Apart is a great read and we have a copy to give away. To enter visit

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Cover image from INTERFACE, Issue 50, Sept 2013, Minecraft scene designed by Cameron Adams

Students using the ActivTable won by Wairakei School’s Corinna O’Neill.

How can you show learning? Students at Wakaaranga School created a computer game using GameMaker to demonstrate what they had learned about the dairy industry,

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