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a piece of paper with the words declare it jesus changes everything, including me
Free Resources for Christian women beyond daily encouragement
Looking for more affirmations and declarations for Christian women and other resources perhaps? Well Pink Salt Riot is on a mission to help Christian women come together and build God's body. There are free memory verse guides, journalling prompts, phone screen backgrounds, quizzes and so much more that you can utilize to help you on your walk with God. Do you want to get connected? Check out the freebies and engage in the conversation on IG.
a piece of paper with the words god can bring peace into any situation
Christian Affirmations for Women with Pink Salt Riot
Did you know that saying the truth out loud on a regular basis actually rewires your brain? ⁠⁠This is supported 100% by both our faith AND science and it's one of the coolest things to be alive at a time when people are having scientific breakthroughs that echo the wisdom we find in the Bible!⁠⁠ Come hang out with the psr community for more Christian affirmations and empowering truths to declare regularly to help rewire your brain to turn to God for peace FIRST - not your situation!⁠
a piece of paper with the words, i daily declaration lies expose the fear, but truth empors end in me
Reminders for Christian Women from Pink Salt Riot
Every lie we cling to is a place we've told Jesus He is not allowed to reign as King in our minds. We've willfully chosen to listen to the other guy and Jesus respects that choice.⁠⁠ But when we let the lies go?⁠⁠ Oh man. Jesus gets full access and stuff gets GOOD -- That's freedom! So remember...GOD IS FOR YOU!! Pink Salt Riot is here to support you. Come check out the community and free resources we have for you!
a piece of paper with the words god reacts and free will it be your father
Free Affirmations for Christian Women by Pink Salt Riot
One of the most revolutionary things you can do is be exactly who God made you to be - and to let God be your security while you live it.⁠ Declaring God's word and truths over your life daily will bring that truth into you by the power of the tongue. What are you declaring? Are you speaking life or death over yourself and others? Pink Salt Riot has declarations and affirmations for Christian women, free wall papers for Christian women, and so much more to help you stand tall in God's truth!
the five contradictions of the servant gift cover image with branches in bloom
The Five Contradictions of the Servant Gift
What you don't know about the redemptive gift of servant could rob you of your deepest callings. #serve #servant #service #gift #gifting #redemptivegift #honor #obey #faithful #authority #inspirational #bible #christian #christianblogger #blogger #spiritual
a woman holding a brown leather bag in her hands
What reminds you of God's promises? | Pink Salt Riot on IG
Even in a season of change, God knows you! He has laid out your promises in His word and wants you to walk confidently in them. Pink Salt Riot is on a mission to empower women with God's word through beautiful jewelry and accessories. You'll find a community of women who celebrate being perfectly imperfect and loved by God anyways. Come join the conversation and take a look to see what accessories remind you of the truth you need more of in this season.
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, i daily declaration peace, freedom & beauty we are having our identity that rest
Struggling with who you are lately?
Life can feel so unstable when you're gathering resources that are not of God. When you look to Jesus and you allow Him to be the source of your peace, freedom, security and more you will find an everlasting source. In your season of change, or growth, or even of heartbreak...those comforts won't change if you got them from Jesus. Looking for some encouragement, community, and more Christian affirmations? Come check out the Pink Salt Riot community on IG.
a young woman is smiling for the camera with her backpack and hiking stickers around her
Inspiring Christian Women making a difference in the world | Pink Salt Riot
Jill chats with mom and adventurer Ann Baker about God's provision during her early married life starting a pro-life nonprofit with her husband with nothing but a vision and a van, and later in life as they were blessed with a daughter who suffered from a fatal birth defect and lived just one hour after birth. Ann's beautiful story and openness to God's plan is inspiring and we're sure you'll enjoy her story.
a piece of paper that says, this is a lie i can't have peace until my circumstances change
Reminders for Christian women | Fighting the lies we believe
LIE WE'RE KICKING THIS MONTH:⁠ I can’t have peace until my circumstances change. Because the truth is: God can bring peace into any situation.⁠⁠ Are you struggling with is or other lies? Pink Salt Riot is here to help! Each month we focus on fighting a new lie so that you can be reminded of what God has said about you as His daughter! Join us as we grow closer to God daily.
a woman is holding a bible in her hands and wearing a bracelet with an open book on it
Soak in the word of God and be refreshed | Pink Salt Riot Bible journaling supplies
Not hearing God? Not sure what God's saying? Ready for more intimacy in your relations hip with Christ? The Bible has your answers! Come check out all the free (and paid) recourses Pink Salt Riot has available to you to help you grow closer to God including a 30 day walk with Jesus. What are you waiting for?
an orange and white photo with the words, do not fear for i am with you
Know what God says | Reminders for Christian women from Pink Salt Riot
These verses are where it's at when you're trying to remember that peace is not something that happens when life is good enough, but something you open yourself to receive in relationship with God.⁠⁠ Memorize them with us this month? Drop a comment (here or on IG) if you're joining in!⁠
a piece of paper with the words, we exhort you, brothers admonish the
It's time for Christian women to come together | Pink Salt Riot
You matter! You are playing a vital part! And together, we are stronger! As Christian women it's so important that we come together and show the world what community and the body of Christ look like and the impact that we can have! Come join the Pink Salt Riot community on IG to connect with more like minded Christian women building the body of Christ and making it stronger. See you there!
a woman sitting at a table with her head in her hands and the words what to do when you desperately want to know god's will
God's will for your life; how to find it when you need answers
Seeking God’s will for your life and how to find it | God's will | God's plan | trusting God | spiritual growth | christian living | Ruthie Gray.mom #spiritualgrowth #christianliving
three girls with their arms around each other and the words how to find your identity in christ
How to Find Your Identity in Christ | Truthfully, Michelle
Finding your identity in Christ as women and anchoring yourself in God's truth will protect you during the ups and downs of life because your identity in Jesus is unshakeable. Read to find out more on how to find your identity in Christ.
a cup of coffee and an open bible with the words what the bible says about self - care
Biblical Rest: A Christian Approach To Self-Care
Dear Christian woman, let's reclaim self-care from capitalism by choosing a different approach: biblical rest. It turns out the Bible has a lot to say about rest and relaxation! Get inspired by God's Word. Then implement these practical ideas for daily self-care that puts God first. #selfcare #GodsWord