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Luc Peire, Abstract Composition, Color Screenprint, 1970s, Framed

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The visual artist Luc Peire (*Bruges 1916 – †Paris 1994) developed from Expressionism (in the wake of Constant Permeke) via a personal form of reduction and stylization of the human body (during the 1950s) to a representation of the human being as spiritual being symbolized as a vertical movement in a balanced space. This gave Peire fame and glory on the international art scene as a master of abstract verticalism. Its development was significantly influenced by the artistic dialogue with personalities such as Eduardo Westerdahl, Alberto Sartoris, Josep María Subirachs, Michel Seuphor, Leo Breuer and Mathias Goeritz. with his own art form, the black and white "graphie", Luc Peire penetrated to the quintessence of his expressive verticalism. He applied the model of rhythmic "optical art" in his three mirror environments (1967, 1968, 1973), through which he reached the pinnacle of his artistic work with the utmost consistency: the endless (l'infini) and space (l' space). Peire's desire to work with other artists, architects and urban planners resulted in a series of integration projects in Belgium and France. Luc Peire's artistic career followed an international itinerary, as can be seen in the diary notes of Jenny Peire-Verbruggen, the artist's wife, De ateliers van Luc Peire, published posthumously in 2001 with annotated comments by Marc Peire by Ludion (Gent-Amsterdam), can read.
Since July 2003, Atelier Luc Peire - Stichting Jenny & Luc Peire has made the artist's place of work in Knokke (Belgium) accessible to the public. This piece has an attribution mark,
I am sure that it is completely authentic and take full responsibility for any authenticity
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