a glass plate with flowers and mushrooms in it hanging from a chain on a wall
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Large Poppy Field Terrarium, Cottagecore Decor, Poppy Wall Art, Mushroom Art, Fairy Terrarium, Academia Cottage Core, Lead-free - Etsy

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Every piece you purchase from my shop starts off with handmade pressed flowers using the traditional method of pressing between pages of a book. This includes organic plants, herbs, blooms, mushrooms, and herbs. Then they are lovingly placed between glass that I have cut myself then sealed/soldered using the Tiffany Technique and lead-free metals.
I am inspired by nature and music. This combination makes it interesting for me to create and I believe that it brings a sense of life to my creations. Whatever it is that I am thinking or feeling will come to light in my arrangements.
Do you have an arrangement that you would like to capture? I will work with you to get this out of your memory onto paper and then eventually onto glass. For a bespoke arrangement please slide into DM
A little world inside of glass. Flowers and forest placed aesthetically pleasing inside and sealed with lead-free metal with sterling silver.
High-quality stained glass panels with flowers encased forever. unique gift
One-of-a-kind hanging art Wildflowers and mushrooms
Thank you for checking out my shop. Nature has been a part of my life for a number of years. It is my pleasure to create these framed beauties for friends and family and now I am bringing them to you as well. I cut my own glass, pick most of the flowers I use (when in season), and put all this together for you to enjoy.
Lots of love has gone into this piece to bring not only a cool terrarium and nature into your home but to make sure that it has a rustic and antique feel to it. Will come gift-wrapped.
Lead-Free, which means you can handle it with no exposure, unlike the traditional method. Working with lead-free solder isn't easy and isn't the norm. I want to work with toxic free as much as possible and bring you a healthier end product.
Dimensions are 8 inches wide 6 inches tall 1/4 thick
Poppies & Mushroom Fairy Forest terrarium, ~ stained glass, pressed, dark academia décor, Cottage core, Lead-free, Christmas Gift Large Terrarium ~ Flower wall decor, Poppies, purple orchid & Mushroom Fairy Forest terrarium, light academia décor, Cottage core, Lead free
Framed Flowers
~~~~~ Since my natural flower and plant items are handmade, each one is unique and there can be small differences with the original photo. ~~~~~~
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