Made in Mexico Handmade 100% Natural Leather Completely handmade A unique style Huarache. We do not handle intermediate sizes, example 5.5, if you use 7.5 order a 7. If you are a 7 , order a 7. Huarache will mold by use- they stretch. Mexican Boots, Delicate Hands, Mexican Huaraches, Mexican People, Black Huarache, Huarache Sandals, Mexican Artisans, Star Shoes, Mexican Style

Black Huarache Sandal ~ All Sizes Boho- Hippie Vintage ~ Mexican Style ~ Colorful Leather ~ Mexican Huaraches

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The huarache has stood out as a typical garment of the Mexican people. Its origin dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Beautiful handmade Mexican huarache, made 100% by hand, by Mexican artisans, who weave the leather strips with their delicate hands, giving each huarache a unique detail. ♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦ IMPORTANT INFORMATION: *SIZES: PLEASE READ THE SIZE CHART CAREFULLY AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE BEFORE BUYING! With the help of the following table, you can determine the number that corresponds to you according to the model We do NOT do half sizes. If you wear a 7.5 US shoe, order a size 8 US as they tend to stretch a bit with wear. The shoes are made in Mexico, therefore, they are stamped with Mexican sizes. However, the sizes posted are US sizes. ORDER IN US SIZES. ♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦ COMMENTS: Hand-cut leather will mold to the shape of your foot with each wear, leaving you with a comfortable pair of shoes that's uniquely tailored to you. Because the Huaraches are made by hand, with genuine leather, there may be slight imperfections in the leather such as: wrinkles, stretches and small cuts. This is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern as it makes the sandal even more special! You can wear these comfortable and beautiful shoes with a dress, jeans, or skirts, with whatever you want, in any case you will look elegant and unique! ♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦ #Huaracheartesanalmexicano #sandaliasdepiel #hechasamano #sandaliasmexicana #huarachedecuerotradicional #zapatoestilomexicano #sandaliaparamujer #zapatosmexicanos #huarachesmexicanos #hechoenmexico