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Be Your Own Medicine Man/Woman

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Online learning, herbal course with Jane Barlow. Each module inside the course will consist of videos, PDFs, different links, recipes etc. There are over 80 video modules available inside this amazing course and you can go through them at your own pace.  Most of these lessons are short, concise and to the point. Once a lesson is put up in the membership site, it will live there permanently.  You will always have access to it.  You can go back and refer to it anytime you want or need to. Here is a partial list of what is covered inside this course.  1) You’ll learn how to deal with the common, every day health issues that come up when taking care of yourself and your family members. 2) You'll learn how to make a tincture, how to herbal oil infusion and how to make skin salves.  There is also a detailed video of exactly how I make my homemade soap if you are interested in learning how to make your own soap! 3) You’ll learn how to develop the mindset that will give you the confidence to step outside of the traditional medical model and take care of your health and the health of your family using herbs and natural medicine.  And how to develop the mindset you need when it comes to loving and accepting family members who won't come embrace natural healing. 4) You’ll learn how to wade through the massive amounts of information out there by using simple, time tested information that's easy to understand and easy to learn, absorb and implement into your life. This course has many, short, digestible lessons teaching you holistic health principles using herbs and plants. You will learn how to make a tincture, a salve, an infusion and more so that you can feel comfortable making and using your own herbal products. You'll learn how I use fasting, detoxing, nutrition and exercise to have the best possible health for you and your family. I also go into gratitude, an abundance mindset and how to create the environment that is going to allow you how to have the healthy life you want and deserve. (This course is not designed to give you a certificate or CEC's) I look forward to sharing what I know with you and empowering you with herbal wisdom! See you on the inside. Jane XO