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Our book club is in full swing and this was today’s assignment from the book PUSH. Our minds can get the best of us, taking us in the opposite direction of where we want to go! By spending a little time each day reading personal development (10 min tops), we create belief in ourselves that help us become a better person. We would love for you to join us! Click the picture if you want in. #teamlyb

It is just as important to improve your mind if not more than your physical body. You should at the very minimum be reading 10 min a day. Don’t have a book or need something different? We have some free resources. Click on the picture and request to be added to this facebook group. I am accepting anyone that wants a FULL transformation. #teamlyb

30 Day Push Challenge! I am going thru all 30 days in September and posting on my journey. Click on the pic to join my Book Club, to take the free challenge yourself and to learn from me what I got out of it. #teamlyb

from Levo League

How to Find Motivation When You Feel Like a Failure

How to Find Motivation When You Feel Like a Failure | Levo League | Defeat is not a word that rolls well off the tongue. It’s a chewy sentiment; it takes mulling over, digesting, and eventually, the nerve to just spit it out. You feel done.