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Beard and mustache trim I did on 6/1/16 I used the clipper over comb. #mustachetrim #beardtrim

On 2/1/16 I did a business men haircut with a loose pompadour. I styled it with American Crew Forming Cream.

Haircut I did On 2/29/16 . I used a #3 guard and did a medium fade and then used shears at the top. I styled it with Sebastian texturizer.

90° basic layer haircut I did on 5/27/15 I shampooed with NIOXIN system 1 shampoo and conditioner for fine to normal hair.

Haircut I did on 4/4/16 I used a # 1 guard on the bottom to a medium fade, # 4 on the top then I used the # 1 guard to blend the bottom and top then added a natural looking hard part. #kidhaircut

On 2/17/16 I did a fohawk haircut. I used a number 4 clipper guard and shears at the top. And I used Sebastian texturizer and American crew forming cream to style his hair. #haircut #menhaircut #fohawk #mywork

Fohawk haircut I did on 3/14/16 I used a number 4 guard and did a medium fade and used shears on the top. I styled his hair using Sebastian texturizer and American Crew forming cream. #fohawk #cosmetologyschool #beautyschool #haircut