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The Woman(2011)--OH MY GOD I cannot say enough about the awesomeness of this movie. A psycho sadist father captures a feral woman and brings her back to his family so he can "tame" her. Let the torture and depravity ensue. This movie is full of plot twists that you do not see coming. The acting is awesome by everyone in this film and the end will leave you speechless, shocked and with a sense of triumph. Very disturbing, graphic, violent, and AWESOME. Do not miss this film.

The Bunny Game (2011)

The Bunny Game (2010). Shot in black and white, this movie is about a coke addicted prostitute who gets in a truck with the wrong guy. While disturbingly realistic and horrifying, this movie just ended up being an hour and a half long rape/torture fest. No interesting plot or story lines here. The actor who plays her torturer though was creepy as shit and pretty believable. As a whole, the movie fell kinda flat for me.

In the Realm of the Senses: i feel like people who say they like this movie just like pornos because thats essentially what it is. Its real sex. You can tell. No camera tricks here. Got boring about 1/2 hour in because its literally just people having sex.. All the time..why cant they show the men going down on the women? No idea. No problem with them showing the girl blowing her lover and spitting out his semen. Weirdest part: everyone watches everyone else have sex in front of them. Its no…

The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman in Black - I really want to see this!! If it stands up with other British horror films, I'll be a happy camper!!

The First Official "Gone Girl" Poster Will Haunt You

This movie will make you question ever getting married. ever. Starts out pretty tame, then gets more complex, twisted, and weird as it goes on. Part of you blames the husband, part definitely blames the wife. She is the ultimate psycho though. It even ends on a disturbing note. Good thrilling stuff. Who knew Ben Affleck could act?

55: "Dial M for Murder" Director: Alfred Hitchcock 1954 #DLMChallenge #365days #365movies Intelligent writing like this is a lost art.

116: "Mad Max: Fury Road" Director: George Miller 2015 #DLMChallenge #365days #365movies Somewhat overhyped I think. Still enjoyed it.