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Sign up for our newsletter and receive more festive feline content! The holidays are a time to treat your friends and family—but don't forget the furry ones! This year gift your kitty the purrrfect present: a DIY catnip sock toy. All you'll need is catnip, a sock and a paper towel roll. Place the roll in the sock, fill with catnip and tie the end. It's so easy and cute! Brought to you by Petcentric, a Purina brand & your trusted source for helpful tips & fun pet facts.

How to make your own dog squeaky toys!

Oh! I just got this kitty(minus the bow) last year at the Bridgeton covered bridge festival. I luv her!

Collection of cute vintage Edward Mobley squeaky toy mom still has mine(the pink poodle),she got it when i was 2 yrs,that's been 46yrs ago

from Just Kick The Can

Lord of the…Cats?

i'm dying right now. oh my gosh!!!

from Etsy

vintage PINK rubber squeak toy kitty cat

vintage squeak toy

from Etsy

Vintage Kitsch Kitten Squeak Toy Kitty Cat

Vintage Kitsch Kitten Squeak Toy Kitty Cat by reginasstudio


Crazy Home Modifications For Devoted Pet Owners

It's the cats home too