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Fresh sweet corn and shrimp are a classic combination and this dish shows how the two ingredients bring out the sweetness in one another. Topped with creamy lime vinaigrette, this makes for a healthy and delicious main course. #Sweetlife

Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

Creamy shrimp and mushroom pasta in a delicious homemade alfredo sauce. All the flavors you want: garlic, basil, crushed red pepper flakes, paprika, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. RP by the hyper-cool tablet case - sticks anywhere in your kitchen - on

Creamy Shrimp Enchiladas

Creamy Shrimp Enchiladas - The Girl Who Ate Everything. ****Made these last night Sooo Soo good! I cut the salt out completely and used 1 lb of salad shrimp. Mixed cold shrimp with the cooked onions, peppers and sauce for filling. . Absolutely DELICIOUS!

Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Miso Dressing

Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes and Lentils

The spicy sour taste of Korean kimchi plays delightfully off of the sweet crunch of freshly grilled corn on the cob. For something a little adventurous or exotic, this is a fresh spin on an old favorite! #Sweetlife #LivintheSweetLife

Corn Risotto with Shrimp

Sweet Corn Risotto with Shrimp Sweet corn adds a nice crunch to creamy risotto, it's topped with sauteed shrimp and salty bacon for a scrumptious dinner.

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn - Mexican style corn on the cob, grilled, smeared with a creamy spread and sprinkled with a cheesy spiced topping. This would be awesome for Labor Day