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ABC Sidewalk Chalk Game

ABC Sidewalk Chalk Game: Practice the alphabet, letter recognition, spelling, gross motor skills, and more with this easy outdoor hopscotch letter game! ~

Letter Recognition Activities For Kids

good to do when baby comes / prepare ahead****best post i've seen so far on fun PLAY ways to learn letters. this lady focuses a lot on not drilling your younger kids with their learning, but rather letting them learn through play. ***** Play friv games at

Alphabet Activities: 5 Letters in a Row

Alphabet Game 5 in a Row. This is a fun alphabet game for preschool children. It is a learning activity that works on letter recognition or identification and letter sounds. It is also requires high order thinking skills.

alphabet letter splash-keeping cool with the abc's

ABC Dot Worksheets: Alphabet Activity Sheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

I thought this might be good to use with pennies! Tdeb:) Using stickers with Lots of Dots worksheets....letter recognition and fine motor activity.

50 Incredible Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

50 ways of learning the alphabet for preschoolers. Recognizing letters, upper and lowercase letters, and letter sounds.