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Ah perfect!! So much fun. I popped his Superman cherry with him. :) He had never been on it before.

Rusted roller coaster tracks - view from the top of the tallest hill on the tallest roller coaster- Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

Roller coasters! AHHHH!!!!

Photography Inspiration: Take Wonderful Pictures In A Theme Park

crayons in summer!!!this would be a cool thing to do with your kids in the summer. so fun for them too see them melting. and how amazing does it look.

Rainbow Falls

Great idea for kids playroom art: (via Anna) crayons in summer. Back yard art- fun to watch them melt <--- I wonder if it would actually get hot enough for this to work naturally?

When discussing the subject of abandoned places in Ohio it usually isn’t long before the topic of conversation turns to a place called Hell Town. What can you say about a place called Hell Town?  Like the guy in the commercial says, with a name like that, it has to be good. Right? Well honestly, it's hard to say. "Hell Town," while one of Ohio's most famous horror/supernatural legends, is also one of the mo

The Abandoned Town Filled With Ghosts And Legends - Helltown is one of the most legendary areas of Ohio. Hundreds of legends surround the abandoned town, from ghosts to Satanic cults to chemical spills to mutants and more.

shipwrecks | Ron's Bloviating: Shipwrecks

Ship graveyard near Lisbon, beautifully rendered in HDR by Pedro Vidigal - can haunt your imagination for days, if you let it. Probably the best environment for exercises in apocalyptic photography.


Khuntoria (Nichkhun and Victoria f(x)) Couple ~ "We Got Married" Korean variety show

Camping without cell phones...without anything...only you and me

My boyfriend and I did this a couple nights ago at Lake Lanier in Cumming, Ga. I didn't care about going camping with anyone specific; I just wanted to go camping, as far as my Bucket List goes, but I'm glad my boyfriend was with me.