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Hello! Welcome to SWGP! This blog was founded in Summer It is run by Jacqueline & Sam! No, sorry we don't need any help. Please don't take this blog too...

See? You're doing better than you thought.

Bob's Burgers urine trouble

24 Funny Pictures for Your Wednesday

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I'd fly around the area of the White House and just wait. I'd be the only Condor in the area & those who know me will know who my target is.

14 Face Swaps That Don't Even Make Sense

Uhhhhhhhhh.......... It was Opposite Day and this guy pulled it off.

I Don't Remember Reading These Dr Seuss Books (9 Photos)

I was one of my favorites

Time for me to stop being so empathetic and call a duck a duck because his is a well of whining that will never dry up!

My entire life can be summed up in one sentence....

Realistic Barbie…

Cute I want it cause I have brown hair and almost all babies have blond hair.. IM A BARBIE DOLL TOO!!