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tigers, white and gold.

Though he looks like a serval, Zepo is actually a caraval. Read more about his rescue in Minnesota and what a caraval is here:

Seeing tiny Liberty next to Raja, you can appreciate what she endured before her rescue. When we arrived at a rural farm, we couldn't get over how small in stature this cougar was, only the size of a lynx. Read and see more photos of her rescue at:

Have you ever heard of a caravel? Zepo, a cross between a caracal and a serval, has such an incredible story of unlikely friendships that he was featured in National Geographic Kid's Magazine. Be sure to read his story and his rescue here:

Bella means beautiful and, even though her ears aren't as perky as other bobcats' might be, we think she truly is beautiful! She was another cat that was dumped by an illegal owner. When you read her story, you'll find out why her ears look the way they do and why she's so special to us. Learn more about Bella's rescue here: