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we heart art: foil embossing

watercolor with straw blowing painting

Happy Hearts

Draw a heart (or trace), have students use rulers to draw lines across. color heart in checkerboard then outside in two more colors.

25 Beautiful Colorful Watercolor paintings

Colorful tree! Use crayons and hair drier to melt the crayons and make them splatter to make the leaves!

oil pastel heart on tissue paper background --Could work this to make a great Jim Dine Kindergarten project. Warm/Cool

we heart art: foil embossing - draw design on cardboard. glue yarn on lines. Let glue dry. Use spray adhesive to affix the foil (heavy duty?), pressing down around the lines. Color spaces with sharpies, leaving raised lines silver.

Topography Low Relief paper sculpture - Grade 8

Overhead transpariences/photocopier transpariencies, color with Sharpies, cut spirals, assemble, hang! 30 minute Chihuly inspired chandelier project from art educator Jackie Hwang/ #Mingei museum

For the Love of Art: 6th Grade: Glue Line Pumpkins