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Shaken and Stirred: Prosecco, Blackberry & Elderflower Aperitif

This Prosecco, Blackberry & Elderflower Aperitif is a beautiful drink full of summer's fleeting flavors. Enjoy it while you can!

Wednesday "Photo: I Still Deserve In 2015 " Taking care of the feet hair and beard. Beto in the Barber Shop With Lídia Podiatry And Hélio Barber Design Happy New Year Summer rainy day Home Sweet Home Good EVENING!!! Harvest Day Christmas night memories! Garden with torches Medieval Christmas tree gift delivery! Gifts Love Merry Christmas! Night and Day for Reflection of Good Virtues that Jesus Christ taught us! Birth of Jesus of Nazareth! Erase All That Makes Him Does Evil! Our…

Caimito The Star apple is a fruit native to the low-lying areas of Central America and the West Indies. The underside of the evergreen leaves shine with a golden color from a distance, and the tree carries small white to purple flowers with a sweet fragrance. The fruit is round, purple and has a thick, latex filled skin. If the fruit is cut horizontally, a clear star pattern can be seen in the white purple pulp. The fruit is delicious fresh, with a intense sweet taste.

.There are so many beautiful blogs on here. I dont own any of them, I just re blog and add random favourites. If you see one of your photos on here and you dont want on here, let me know and i will...