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Buddy can you spare a dime?

Welfare Recipients Flip Employers Off After Gifted With Higher Wages. What makes this so funny is WELFARE will take back every extra dime he just WON from his employer. If liberals really were all that educated....THEY WOULDN'T BE PROTESTING....THEY WOULD BE WORKING AT JOBS THAT ACTUALLY PAY TO BE EDUCATED.

You said it pal, you'd rather make your attorney rich than give me a dime. It's sick that this is what you want but whatever. I really don't give a crap anymore. It's going to be funny when I can retire and you work till the day you die; this divorce guaranteed you will NEVER be financially solvent again. Congratulations! You're a dumbass

You Hate Pennies It's funny, because you don't hate money at all. But there's little more annoying or useless than a fist full of pennies. Pennies waste your time. Time is money. So it follows that pennies are the one type of money you're not that excited to have. (You don't really want nickels or dimes either though!) You appreciate traditions and

This I Like It Dirty door mat is a funny way to greet your guests. These natural coir mats are thick and durable and they are all hand painted by me. They not only make a nice addition to your own home, but they make great personal and unique gifts for any occasion - for anyone with a front door! Custom orders are always welcome! Any variations of words, names, phrases, symbols, additional fonts, etc. Just send a message detailing your ideal mat, and I will provide a custom price quote…

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