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This blog was created as a place for all Christians to come and share their love for Christ. All are welcome here! While we understand that conflict may arise from time to time we wish this blog to remain an area of peace and prayer. We hope you find...

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I desire the truth always. Reality can hurt, but the feeling is real. Don't like when I find out down the road that I have been given less than the truth. It makes all that comes between that moment and the present questionable. Yes. But the delivery can be the difference between being forced upon or being heard. Not sure I understand your response? Delivery can sometimes be more perception of the receiver than reality. i still just like the hard truth! I can then adapt and improve.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. Is anyone else with me?

I got 99 problems and being trapped in a decaying body in a money hungry society on a dying planet in a mysterious dimension may be one.

I think I like this. Though we are, biblically, to live at peace with all men, in so far as we are able, sometimes it just doesn't work out. And even though I wouldn't say anyone is my "enemy", there are definitely people in life I simply cannot live at peace with, and it's usually because I've "stood up for something" in my life. It's a good thing.

My husband has been telling me this for years...but sometimes it's just the shit side of the stick and you don't want to believe it...until there's no choice, you have have to finally deal with the cards you've been dealt...