bows <3

Urban Outfitters - Whisper by MMC Bow Back Pullover, love the bows :))

Love the top AND the shorts :)

want some shorts with studs on them or something. Michaels probably has some studs and then you just cut an old pair of jeans! Glue the studs on and VOALA (or however you spell that. My shorts just won't be that short.

So cute!

There are 7 tips to buy this dress: grey tulip skirt silk cocktail party prom cut-out strapless bow skirt ring black little black noir uni top puffy skirt cute pretty mini skirt bandeau high waisted skirt.

Cute way to turn a guys button up (or even an oversized button up) into a cute dress :)

Turning a men's dress shirt into a dress. Lay the collar flat on your back. Button the shirt in front so that it will stay up. Button the rest of the shirt. Take the arms and tie them in a bow in front. Hahaha--this is so creative!

Art trench coat with a back bow clothes-over-bro-s

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

trench coat with a back bow, perfect fall jacket- long coat to bow coat