Oh my gosh, you seriously do not know pain until you get super attached to a BBC character.

Part 18 (can't stop won't stop)

British and American English… two nations divided by a not-so-common language @Sarah Steed we are going to need this!

British and American English…

Funny pictures about British and American English. Oh, and cool pics about British and American English. Also, British and American English.

"A bloody head!" "Well where else was I supposed to put it?" I love Sherlock!!!

To any one who isn't in the Sherlock fandoms this will make on sense at all, to every one else its a funny bit of everyday Sherlock XD

This is amazing

The world is divided into 2 types of people: Sherlock & Watson. Seriously worth the read> this is the most inspirational thing I've ever read. And I've read a lot of inspirational things.

My head just exploded <– to my increasingly unobservant fellow pinner, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth. Using the scientific method, once you isolate the only variable left in the situation of consumption the water is all that remains. But sadly, I hate to inform you the victims do not take the pills with water. They chew them.

He didn't give Sherlock any water. Because Moriarty wanted Sherlock alive. (None of them were given any water. Just watch and observe, NO water!

Bilbo and Smaug share a flat.

Hobbit spoilers: Dumbledore dies, Gandalf shoots first, the Doctor saves the day, and Bilbo and Smaug solve crimes as flatmates.

Yes, you do have to read ALL of it - trust me. Hahahaha

Best thing i have read tonight! Best Site Ever and so is Shherlock's Science of Deduction" Site As Well!


"A part of Voldemort lives inside him" " Yes, but we have their families locked in the cellar" Hahahaha ERYN PEAK!