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Work up to running a 5k! This is great! I thought my heart would explode if I just tried to get back into long distance running without some conditioning.

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Polish Potato Pie Is Like Lithuanian Kugelis

Polish Potato Pie (Baba Kartoflana) Recipe - My grandmother called it Babka, but hers had additional steps after slicing. Gonna keep looking for more recipes to see if I could add to this recipe or combine a couple together to get the recipe I remember eating as a kid~Aaahhhhh!

Vintage Mr. Potato Head from 1972 What was your favorite toy as a child? (© The Strong)

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Norwegian Potato Lefse

Lefse was something my relatives made on a regular basis. It is usually made with a lefse rolling pin, but a regular pin will do. The taste is wonderful - served warm is the best.....with anything you want on it......a little work, but well worth it!

Yummy no flour sweet potato waffles! 1. Grate 2 sweet potatoes, mix well with two eggs, 2 tbsp coconut oil and seasoning. 2. You'll need a waffle maker for this recipe. Cook in waffle maker until cooked through and crispy! 3. Serve with homemade apple sauce or...a naughty glug of maple syrup! #food #mutu #cleaneating

Potato Candy - Recipe Clipping For Potato Candy. My Mom used to make this for us every year. It's put together like a jelly roll, chilled and sliced. It's a great old fashioned candy for the Holidays.

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lefse recipe not sure about this but saw it so decided to post it - it isn't like the recipe I have in my head - which is 10# potatoes, 1/2 cup butter, 1 T salt, almost a half cup of sugar and a cup of cream, and about 3 cups of flour approx.


Sweet and Salty Potato Chip Cookies

Check out this awesome flavor combo of sweet and salty packed into these scrumptious Potato Chip Cookies on #bestcookierecipes #sweetandsalty #potatochipcookies

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Classic Vegan Noodle Soup

Used all vegetable stock. Did not use pasta and it was great! Skip the fresh parsley. Classic Vegan Noodle Soup