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Steve Crow: Oblivioned (back text, says: "Reverted to a lifeless Husk, and infected with the pestilence of mankind"

Anti-Apartheid protest march Apartheid is as social and political policy of racial segregation and discrimination enforced by a white minority government in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. “apartheid” is from the Afrikaans language that was developed over the years by Dutch colonists, and means “apartness.” While apartheid policies extend back to the beginning of white government in South Africa in 1652, it became codified, or officially written into law, in 1948.

Sting <3...So technically this look of Sting's took place around the time I was 13. But Sting was one of my favorites, even before he had his drastic makeover. This particular look just happens to be my favorite of his.

The Roots, Sheryl Crow, Aloe Blacc & Steve Tyler Lead John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert at MSG : Buzz : Music Times